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About Don't Stay Broken

Don’t Stay Broken was founded on the idea that regardless of your faith, race, political views, or net worth everyone in life will go through things that break them down. We believe the human spirit is resilient and there is a way for each of us to Not STAY broken! We are a diverse and creative non-profit founded to bring hope to those of us who have been broken by life’s inevitable challenges. We cultivate this hope through art, films, books, blogs, podcasts other media.

About Michael Cheshire

Michael Cheshire

Located in Denver, CO, Michael is a unique voice for the world of faith. Having his roots in the evangelical church Michael has recently left the pack to expose the world to a new way of thinking as to what it means to know God in a culture where political beliefs and mean spirited actions are the defining qualities of the “religious”.

Michael has authored two best selling books and several articles which have achieved viral reach across the world. In Michael’s first book How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training he tells the story of planting a church in rural community where a unique approach and innovative ideas became an essential part of reaching people. Through this work he coined the phrase that, “The church must be more interested in serving its community rather than asking a community to simply attend its services”.

In Michael’s second book Why We Eat Our Own he took on the harsh way Christians treat one another and the world around them and how it just might be the reason so many avoid the church at all cost! An excerpt from this book was published in Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal titled Going to Hell with Ted HaggardGoing to Hell with Ted Haggard, achieved viral success reaching over half a million people, being shared over forty-eight thousand times and earning him an Evangelical Press Association award in 2012. Michael toured on the book in 2013 bringing it to churches and conferences around the United States.

In September of this year Michael went through a divorce with his wife of 20 years. Being a prominent pastor and author made his situation more public than most. In hopes of modeling a different way of handling divorce he wrote a letter to his ex-wife that (with her permission) he posted online. The Huffington Post picked up Michael’s Open Letter to My Now Ex-Wife which received over 350 thousand shares on the US posting alone. The letter was translated into several languages and achieved viral success in Italy, Australia, Germany, Central America, and South America; it was also published in hundreds of publications both in print and online around the world.

The viral nature of Michael’s letter got the attention of Hollywood garnishing attention from several production companies who are interested in using his voice in TV and film. He is now working on a screen play as well as a pilot for a series adapted from his writing. Michael has also released his first comedy album which is available on all major digital music stores. The last year has been one of immense change and pain for Michael punctuated by some amazing successes. These experiences have motivated DontStayBroken.com as well as his next book “Don’t Stay Broken: A Conversation With My Storm”.

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