People will accuse you from their own sins. A hot tempered person will often accuse those around him of being angry. A bully always cries bully. A liar will accuse everyone of lying. Those locked in an affair will need to accuse others of some type of unfaithfulness. You see, once they yield to their sin they have to show that everyone else is like them in order to feel normal. Perhaps you’ve been a victim of this. Maybe you’ve been the recipient of unfair accusations. I know I have. I know many of my friends have, as well. If so, simply remember this… God will eventually let the truth come to light. God sees the people they line up against you falsely. He sees your heart in this matter. God can hear the unfair things being said. And at just the right moment, He will let the truth out if it’s cage to defend you.

So stay your course. Don’t believe for a second that God isn’t going to set the record straight…. Because He always does. And often, by the time He does, you are too far along on a better path to ever care.

This is an excerpt from the upcoming book from Michael Cheshire titled “Don’t Stay Broken”. Follow Michael on Facebook to keep up with his latest work.

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