In this podcast we’re talking about 1 of our DSB core values which is “move”.

When my kids were small and found themselves ill, like all parents, I hated it. Trying to calm a crying baby with a cold or bad cough can be so disheartening… Especially in the middle of the night. Walking with them, rocking them, speaking in soothing voices all are tried and retried in the hopes of helping them find rest. Too many times, it simply didn’t work. But there was normally one secret way to get them to find sleep and the rest they needed… a car ride. I’ve done my fair share of late night drives around empty streets at two in the morning. Those long drives around the town while my child found rest in the motion of the drive, were a lifesaver.

Most parents know the power of a drive to lull a child to sleep. Somehow, from the time we are tiny little beings, movement feels safe to us… feels like home. Movement calms us. And what babies know so perfectly, we tend to lose touch with as we plow into our years as adults. And when our lives get really tough, we can actually begin to subconsciously avoid movement all together.

Look, anyone who’s gone through tough times can identify with the paralyzing effects it can have on a life. When a crisis or storm begins to crash over our hearts, the idea of doing anything, other than what is absolutely needed, often falls by the wayside.

This type of thinking leads us directly into a life of complacency. A life of self-imposed limits. Limits that grow more and more constrictive by the day. Soon, we simply stop moving. And what’s worse, we tend to stop moving in almost every area of our lives.

We stop moving our minds towards a focus on the future. We stop moving forward in our faith. We stop moving deeper in our relationships. And we can even stop moving around in our world… Only venturing out of our homes when it’s absolutely necessary.

And it’s when we stop moving, that we begin to live with our heads down and hearts demoralized. Hope is found in movements, and so we close the practice of being able to reach it.

This is why movement is an action that we must force ourselves back into. It may be difficult at first… Honestly, it will be difficult at first.,.. but it’s life-giving effects can be instantly felt.

During a rough time in my life, I found that even going to the store was more movement then I wanted. I hated the idea of venturing out. But God placed many great men and women in my path to make me get up and move. They made me go do things, dream again, hope again. Soon, I realized that with every movement, no matter how painful, I felt a little more whole… More healed.

Sure, at first I fought it. I thought I needed to think and feel healed and then I’d want to move forward with my life. But I have found that moving forward in life happens when we do it before we feel it.

For most of us, living a life of “not staying broken”, is a collection of intentional actions that lead us to a new ways of thinking. It’s rarely new ways of thinking that lead to better actions.

It may sound counterintuitive … but it’s really the fastest way to heal every part of your life, soul, and spirit. Our outward movements and mindful actions have a real soaking effect on our hearts, minds, and spirits.

So consider taking a walk, cleaning your car, writing some goals, or go to a theater and catch a movie.

You will find that life has been waiting for you to show back up and take your rightful place.

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Don't Stay Broken is a diverse and creative non-profit founded to bring hope to those of us who have been broken by life’s inevitable challenges. We're founded on the idea that regardless of your faith, race, political views, or net worth everyone in life will go through things that break them down. We believe the human spirit is resilient and there is a way for each of us to Not STAY broken! We cultivate this hope through art, films, books, blogs, podcasts other media.

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