His name was Arthur Jay. He was a kid in a youth group I served as a leader in, years ago. He was the cousin of a good friend of mine (David) so he tagged along with us a lot. Mostly to movies. One clear memory I have of him is how many times he would be late to a movie cause he had to be dropped off by his mom, (and just FYI, His mom is awesome!) and so he would always say, “save me a seat.” David and I used to mess with him (when he arrived) by putting our snacks and things in the empty seat next to us and saying we forgot and someone already claimed it. He’d look heartbroken and we’d tell him we were just kidding. After doing this enough times, he began to call our bluff pretty fast, and jump to sit on our snacks if we didn’t clear his seat fast enough. He was just a fun guy all the way around.

Arthur was also one of those guys that loved everyone. He would literally give you the shirt off his back. Seriously. I saw him do it at youth camp for a kid whose official “camp shirt” got ripped bad and was very sad about it. Arthur loved God in ways that most people will never understand or experience. He always stayed in touch with me and connected and commented often here with me on Facebook.

I found out last night, that Arthur passed away suddenly at a very young age this week. I was stunned…to say the least. Even though I hadn’t seen him in years, I was stunned and found tears running down my face. I cannot express how good a person he was. I know he is home now, but when a person of this type of character and love leaves the earth, it brings such sadness for so many others.

If you get a chance, please pray for Arthur’s family and many friends in the coming weeks. His family is one of the closest and most loving families I have ever known, so needless to say, this is very devastating on so many levels.

Arthur, you were the real deal buddy. You walked the walk and you lived your heart out loud for the entire world to feel. You will be missed by so many. See you someday down the road, my man! And hey, Arthur…if you could….

Save me a seat.

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