You’ll understand why you had to work ten times harder than your peers to climb to the exact same heights. You’ll see why you have had the worst luck with relationships and friends. Someday, you’ll get why God seemed to hold the good things just out of your reach. Someday you will see why the fight for resources and survival has been your constant companions. Someday you’ll know why you had to play hurt so much of your life. Someday you’ll begin to grasp the wisdom that only abandonment can teach you. Someday you’ll understand why you needed to be betrayed. Someday you’ll believe in the gift of standing all alone.

Yes, I promise that someday you will actually be grateful for all these things…

Ironically, it will only be “you” in the preverbal sense. Because all these things will have changed you into a strong, kind, loyal and driven person. You will look like you, but you will feel like an anvil. You will have lost the ability to flinch when setbacks come. You won’t smell like a victim anymore. You will enjoy your life like never before. Now, you’ll be completely fine with failures because you know they are not permanent. You will find beauty in a world you once saw as dark and bleak. You will be strong now.

Yes… I Promise Someday you will understand… But until then, you must fight.

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