Regrets turn into memories

Failures turn into life lessons

We all need to have our heart broken at least once in our life.

Music can heal even our hidden wounds.

Some people won’t like you… It’s often because someone didn’t like them.

When you fall down…. Laugh.

Sometimes you need to “call in well.” Don’t let your only days off be for sickness.

We all have a “victim card.” Never play it-

True Happiness is only found in bringing happiness to others.

Wear clean socks and good shoes… You will spend your life standing up for yourself.

Be open and bold about your dreams… And your mistakes.

You don’t have to finish reading bad books.

God often speaks to us through “hunches.”  Follow them.

Be ruthlessly positive

NO lower back tattoos

Sean Connery was the best Bond

Learn to love the music of U2… They were around before “One Direction” and they will be around long after they all go separate directions.

Some rules are stupid… You know what to do:-)

Have goals… They matter more than you know.

Call your mother every week… She worries about you.

Come home on holidays whenever you can. Your mother worries about you.

Never loan your friends or family money…. Give it, or be cool with saying nope!

Give money to the homeless. Often.

Make the outcasts your best friends… They will appreciate you and be more loyal  than the popular ones.

Every good and great thing you’re ever going to want requires you to face some kind of fear.

Cold pizza counts as a “nutritious breakfast”

At parties collect money from all your drunk friends for “more beer.” Then keep the money. It’s a “stupid tax” for getting drunk and throwing around cash.

Faith is a journey, not a rule book. Your relationship with God will be different than any others… Be okay with that, and then you will find God okay with you.

Slap racist people… They need it desperately.

Avoid political t-shirts… Unless you’re coloring your hair.

When you’re angry count to 10….or simply swear. Either one tends to calm me down.

Coffee. Yes.

Decaf. No.

And call your mom. She worries about you.

This has been an excerpt from the upcoming book by Michael Cheshire:

“Don’t Stay Broken”

A Conversation With My Storm

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