More than once in my life I have lost my way. Several times I ended up hurt, alone, and confused in places I did not recognize. Although these times brought real pain, it was in no way a waste of my time. In fact, I have found, getting lost may be a lot of things, but rarely is it a waste of time. You see, in those dark moments I found God… Well, perhaps we found each other….and then He showed me who I really was. Honestly, I didn’t like the view at first. God used these missteps to show me the inner workings of my heart. God slowed everything down and showed me the darkness of my soul…. Then He began to show me the brightness of my real gifts. After those experiences, I stopped being afraid of failure, changes, and critics. I stopped chasing relationships and fearing the monsters of my imagination. In short, I became an authentic mess and gave up being a polished fake. I became okay with the massive contradiction that is… Me. In that, I found my path home.

An excerpt from the soon to be released Don’t Stay Broken: A Conversation With My Storm (TCG).

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