For all my Christian friends blowing up the internet angry about the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage for our country. Please remember a few things before you vent…

First and foremost….calm down. Some of us are already acting like buffoons.

Your religion is not being attacked. In fact, this ruling actually reinforces our countries commitment to let people live, grow, and even worship as they believe.

This ruling doesn’t ask you to change any of Jesus’ message.

We can still love.

We can still show kindness and understanding.

We can still show everyone they really do matter to God.

We can still marry the opposite sex, as well.

We can still feed the hungry and clothe the poor.

We can still worship God the way we believe we should. Even this Sunday, you can attend a church. Nothing has changed.

Maybe now that we are not trying to stop others from getting married, we can finally take the time to figure out why our own marriages are failing; because, the argument that a gay-marriage is somehow soiling the sanctity of our third marriage, is as ridiculous as it sounds.

We can now focus on bigger issues that actually matter and impact humanity for the good.

We can still (and should) be accepting to the entire LGBT community no matter what differences we may or may not have with them, (FYI- we should have been doing this all along guys).

You know, I have always found it interesting how our religion, based so deeply in love, acceptance, and kindness, gets easily hijacked into political hatred and social judgments. We need to stop trying to legislate our own morality and ethics onto those who don’t believe the same way. Jesus never did this. And in truth, most of us “Christians” disagree greatly on the tenets of what are “moral issues” within our own faith. In many ways, we are a herd of cats trying to steer the world. And, it’s not working people.

And to my many friends in the LGBT community…Congratulations, my friends! I am happy for you all. As a proud member of the American community, I believe that you should have the same rights as everyone else. It’s one of the things that makes our country such a great place to live.

Now my Christian brothers and sisters, you are free to carry on with your outrage, anger, and venting…

But, when you’re done could you give the rest of us a hand?! Jesus’ love is a pretty heavy thing to carry all the way to the rest world and we could use the help.

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  1. Celeste Jordan

    Thank you, thank you, for putting it in words I can pass on!

  2. Chris

    I am gay and an atheist, but a friend posted this and I clicked it out of curiosity. Thank you for your kind words. I grew up in the church and have read the bible in the past, and I feel that so many people today claim to be Christian yet do not actually abide by the teachings and actually do the opposite of what they should. I have been harassed and verbally assaulted more times than I can count by individuals who claim to be “Christian” and believe that by standing on a milk crate holding a sign that says “Gays are going to hell” and yelling at people via a megaphone, he is going to somehow change me or get his point across. That person is the opposite of what a Christian should be. If more people were to read your post here and actually take your suggestions into consideration, imagine what the country might be like. Again, thank you.

    • Cheryl

      For the entire body of Christ, please accept my humble apology. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves.
      Some of us actually do try to follow in the footsteps of our Saviour, Jesus. Many of us, actually.

      Hugs to you, Christopher (“Christ bearer”),

    • Scibear

      Hello Chris:

      Like you, I’m gay. Like you, there was a time when I believed that God hated me because of who I was…I even tried to commit suicide over it. Then I stopped believing in God, figuring that, since I have no control over my sexuality, he thus made me just to be hated. Through my suffering I’ve learned a few things. The biggest thing I’ve learned is that I’VE BEEN LIED TO…so have you and every other gay person concerning God. The “mainstream” church has sought to make us second class, less than whole, less than wholly loved and accepted, not only by themselves, but by God, as well. This is just plain evil, and goes counter to TRUE Christian theology. When I realized this, I set out to discover the TRUTH, and returned to God when I discovered that not only does He accept me as I am, he MADE me as I am. It’s my hope that just maybe you might be willing to give God a second chance and discover the truth for yourself.

  3. Shella

    How refreshing it was to read your remarks on the Supreme Court ruling. I was one of those religious acting Christians, but I’m glad I’ve grown and still have a long way to go. My pastor’s teachings, but mostly reading the Bible and wanting to be more like
    Jesus has made a difference in me. I want to LOVE like Jesus loved!

  4. Zeena Burse

    This post is beautifully written! As I often ask myself…”What would Jesus do?” And I do believe he would celebrate this…choosing love and acceptance over hate. Thank you for sharing!

  5. JCM

    Wow, a voice of reason from among the Christians.. Well said Mr. Cheshire..

  6. p

    thank you for this, michael. it’s the first genuinely christian response i’ve read all day, the first thing that actually reminded me of jesus, as opposed to all of the hate spewing out of so-called “christians” in this country.

  7. David Sobel

    Great piece, Michael. Conservatives need more rational voices like yours.


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