Some people will walk out of your life over misunderstanding or rumors. Many people lack the wisdom to get the whole story or simply love drama. My advice: Forgive and move on. Work very hard to not even think about them or their issues. You really have no idea how much good God has brought into your life by removing people like that. Don’t get caught up in chasing them or trying to explain your side. The people who stay in your life and press into real friendship will always be there. They will be there because they are suppose to be. The others will bounce from relationships to relationships like the grasshoppers in “A Bugs Life.” –“They come, they eat, they leave.” In the end, they prove to be users. But you get to be used no more. Focus on the people who prove themselves with their character, integrity, and love. Everyone else is just trying to sell you on something. Something you don’t want to buy into.

An excerpt from Don’t Stay Broken: A Conversation with my Storm by Michael Cheshire

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