No matter what kind of organization you lead (business, ministry, family, or any endeavor involving people) you MUST make some very unpopular decisions at critical times. Decisions that others will often describe with words such as harsh, uncaring, or brutal. You won’t enjoy these decisions… Nor the labels these actions get from those they effect.

But always remember this…
Only those who have held real leadership positions can grasp the need for tough decisions. True leaders understand the unbelievable necessity for adjustments and changes. No matter how uncomfortable or unpopular they are to make. I have witnessed, far too many times, new or untested leaders fail to pull the trigger on painful, but needed, course corrections when it matters most. That story always ends badly. It’s the law.

Advanced leaders, however, understand when it’s time to stop procrastinating and do what must be done. Honestly, they hate doing it as much as anyone would… But this is why they remain in these marquee leadership positions for the bulk of their lives. They know, all to well, the inherent dangers of shrugging off this responsibility.
And they also know one priceless truth that helps them press on…

Only those making hard decisions today, will have anything of value to lead tomorrow.

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